the way you can make things happened!

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if somebody did not have the courage to take the risk while going through his dream path ,  and the result thought of that possibility is heartbreaking or clearly tragic.

ENTER the danger TAKERS:

Sticking your neck out for the sake of love: Consider the person who has his eye on a specific woman but hesitates because he feels she could also be "out of his league". He decides the potential rejection is well worth the risk and makes a move anyways knowing that he really has nothing to lose.

Breaking through societal barriers: Consider the stories of various women who decided that it wasn't society that determined how far they went within the corporate world, but it had been themselves who held their own destinies in their hands. They made the bold move to be something quite what society had prescribed for them. believe the courage Pakistani girl, Malala Yousufzai exhibited as she resisted the Taliban mandate against education for women .

The ridiculed and scoffed visionaries: History is replete with samples of individuals who had a thought considered ridiculous and nutty by not only the masses, but by their peers also . In ancient Greece, Homer theorized the world to be flat. Pythagorus thought it to be round, while Aristotle, a century later, concurred. But, it had been an interesting Greek investigator Eratosthenes who made remarkable calculations about the diameter of the world and therefore the axis of rotation to its plane about the Sun. Some individuals dreamed of devices and inventions that might improve our lives and therefore the way we do business (think Edison and Steve Jobs).

The dreams of a far better life and career: have you ever ever witnessed this tragic scene? a private decides and makes a commitment that change is so as , whether it's a career or another aspect of their life and, they're assailed by those that survive the side of complete safety. The person committed to vary is told that it cannot be done, to think about the risks and to be fearful, and to resign themselves to their station in life. Obviously, those living on the side of safety have wholly dismissed the old maxim, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained".

The few and therefore the brave: On a more hardcore level, consider the story of Seal Team 6. supported intelligence gathered so far , there was reason to believe that Osama bin Laden was holed up during a compound in Pakistan. The members of Seal Team 6 were tasked with engaging the target and effectively "taking out" said target.

Now, think for a flash of all the items that would possibly fail . Here you're , a part of an elite Special Forces squad, arguably (depending on who you talk to) violating the sovereignty of another country. you're undeniably in hostile territory. While plans were in situ , experience has shown that things rarely go consistent with plan, especially in combat.

The look for bin Laden was an extended one, fraught with many difficulties. Over the years, intelligence was gathered, but intelligence has it's limitations and is usually faulty. Did we actually have the proper guy? Was this truly the instant of truth? It appeared so and now we had him within the cross hairs. There was no room for error.

Imagine being aboard the stealth helicopter because it began into the night to accomplish the foremost critical operation so far . One can only imagine what was browsing the minds of these SEALS as they approached the compound, the pressure must are immense. They successfully completed missions before, but not one where the stakes were this high.

There wasn't time to specialise in anything aside from getting the work done and completing the mission. When the instant of truth arrived, the singular focus was making it happen. In minutes, the mission was accomplished. This was the top results of those that took the danger , even at their own peril, to make sure that the foremost wanted man was dead. They, along side countless intelligence agents, saw thereto that America's #1 enemy was irrevocably silenced forever.

And, so, take a glance around. Everywhere there are shining samples of those that took action despite the risks. Would our world look, feel, and be much different had those opportunities been lost? and how it would! What opportunities are you allowing to be lost in your life? Don't play it safe all the time or you will only find yourself with more of an equivalent . Take some risks, but don't be reckless about it . Calculate those risks and weigh it against the potential reward(s). Then, do the foremost important thing in life. Take action and make it happen.