This is Why Thinking is Art !

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Never before in history has the typical person had access to such a lot information. you're often just a couple of clicks faraway from the solution to almost any question you'll have. We don't even need to be in one location to access information due to the wonder of the smart phone.

we've become intellectually lazy and believe what we are told instead of find things out for ourselves. there's tons of data out there, but little or no knowledge.

I will not enter the explanations for this problem, allow us to just say, the fault must fall on the individual. we've become lazy, uncaring and too preoccupied with playing games instead of finding truth. i feel of an excellent question that I heard from the deep thinker, Winnie-the-pooh. Pooh once asked his dear friend piglet, "Did you ever stop to think and forget to start out again?" that's what went on to several people. they need stopped and forgot to start out again.

Success-minded people are people that think. they are doing not limit their thoughts to public opinion or the realm of what's possible but rather are willing to face alone and consider the impossible.  really there is Nothing limits achievement like small thinking , and also nothing expands possibilities like unleashed thinking , often done and achieved by those that are willing to think.

To be thinking is seemed as dangerous, difficult and risky nowadays , because those that think are harder to regulate . If you are doing not think that others, especially the govt , want to regulate you then you're not thinking in the least . a day we are told what to believe and the way we are to act. Forget what we all know is true, what we will discover for ourselves or maybe sense , we are to believe that we are told to believe.

Another way this is often played out is within the education system. They academics of the day are dumb down over the years. Out of a foolish concept "everyone should be a winner" and never eager to place one person over another, the standards are lower and people who would have excelled are discouraged and even punished. Recently the news reported a secondary school within the eastern U.S. that removed the respect roll system. Their thinking was that honors students make those that didn't make the respect roll feel bad. and that we wonder why America is thus far behind other countries when it involves education scores.

Add to this the very fact that thinking is simply out of fashion any longer . If you tell someone that you simply are taking time just to think, they think you're odd or dalliance .

What does it mean to think? What must a really success-minded person doing to be a thinking person? i think these questions are best answered by another question: what's it that thinking people do this others don't do? i will be able to answer this with only five of the various actions that are taken by thinking people.


Many people wish to think that they're thinking for themselves but actually they're not. they're basing their opinions and thought on the knowledge that others have given them. this is often not saying all that information is wrong, it's just unquestioned. Unquestioned information isn't only dangerous but also foolish. it's like saying, "I saw it on the web , therefore it must be true." Even this text should be questioned. Not that i'm leading you astray, i think all i'm saying here. the rationale to question is in order that you think that about what's being said. You process it in your own mind and you come to a conclusion that it's right or wrong and why it's right or wrong.

We believe blindly the items we are told for variety of reasons. they will be good reasons like we respect the person telling us as an authority and that we believe they're honest and trustworthy. In those cases they will be believed, but you continue to got to believe what they're saying. Other times we could also be believing someone simply because we like them or we like how they appear . a number of the foremost successful manipulators and deceivers of all time are a number of the simplest liked people. They were ready to charm their way into people's minds and obtain them to believe a number of the foremost outrageous things.

regardless of what proportion we trust them or how intelligent they'll appear, we hand over the best of all human freedoms, that freedom to think. The thing is, nobody can take that freedom faraway from you regardless of how hard they struggle , it's always given away freely.